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Founded in 2018, Neptune has earned and maintained its position as a global leader in the prevention and inhibition of corrosion in onshore and offshore coiled tubing operations via our innovative Proteus chemistry. We have served coiled tubing service operators all over the world by offering superior performance in our products, excellent value in our economics, and impeccable reliability and deliverability in our services. Thus far, we have earned the trust of service companies and manufacturers alike on 4 continents while maintaining impeccable service standards from our US and UK offices. A global footprint coupled with immediate response is priceless. Use who the pros use - Neptune.

“We have used Neptune's [Proteus] corrosion inhibitor products for over 2 years now and have had great success with pipe longevity and mitigating MIC failures. The customer service that Jeremy and David provide is great and we have a great partnership. Their understanding of the chemistries, being adaptable to market conditions, having innovative product offerings, and being available and reachable to talk through various scenarios that have or could occur has truly helped us overall.”

Christa Curette

VP Engineering & Technology

Eastern Energy Services, Inc.

Proteus 500/550
Neptune Proteus 500/550

Have you ever heard of a coiled tubing reaching over 2-million running feet? We have. Proven by Tenaris™, Quality Tubing® and Conquest Completion Servcies® in independent studies and field trials using Proteus 500, Neptune has built a solid reputation on delivering corrosion inhibitors to CT service companies, giving the highest industry average of a 10X ROI. You want nearly 2M running feet? Click to learn more.

Proteus 545
Neptune Proteus 545

Sometimes, fluid quality conditions are not perfect. In certain applications, the need for a heavy brine fluid to keep the well under control is required. Proteus 545 was developed for these purposes. It can be used before, during, and after operations. Many use it as a pre-operations inhibitor by adding it during the string pressure test. It forms a strong hydrophobic film on the interior of the string allowing you to get the most out of your assets.

Proteus 223
Neptune Proteus 223

Protecting the exterior surface of the string is imperative to getting the most life out of your coiled tubing assets. Atmospheric oxygen reacts with the steel to form rust, however, since coiled tubing is not static, the rust continually falls off exposing the surface to corrosion, again and again. Proteus 223 forms a highly hydrophobic film that protects the exterior surface from corrosion, both onshore and offshore. Protect your string with Proteus 223.

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