"We once used a solid-based biocide regimen along with their corrosion inhibitor. But the strings still parted like clockwork, and almost always due to MIC or other corrosion. Since working with Neptune, we haven't had a failure due to corrosion since January 2019. Zero failures, impeccable service and a dedicated research team have made a huge impact on our capabilities. Neptune is a true leader." 
-Engineering Lead Manager, leading CT Service Company

Neptune Chemical Corporation was founded in 2018 by coiled tubing veterans with the primary focus of developing and marketing innovative chemical technologies that mitigate corrosion and preventing string failure events due to corrosive reactions. Neptune's corrosion inhibitor technology portfolio consists of the most advanced chemical technologies globally available, and are offered in both hydrophilic and lipophilic configurations.


Neptune's mission is to continually innovate and make commercially available innovative chemical technologies and application methodologies that beneficially serve our customers anti-corrosive needs, decrease the freshwater demands on our communities and environment, inspire our employees to dream big, drive strong revenue growth and improve the well-being for our stakeholders.


Neptune's chemical technologies consist of innovative organic and organometallic chemistry offering sequestering, neutralizing, and/or film-forming properties that have been proven to inhibit corrosion and prolong string operating life. We then couple our innovative technology with unprecedented service and support providing the ultimate "true customer" experience that is guaranteed to be second to none.

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