"If you can not explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough."

- Albert Einstein

Neptune is a global leader in the research and distribution of specialty chemicals focused on aqueous applications in oil and gas, such as the inhibition of corrosion, scale, and bacterial contamination. Since 1997, industries from local municipalities to global oil and gas service companies have looked to Neptune for expertise in their aqueous operations.    
Neptune ID ASTM G48

Corrosion itself is a massive problem in the oil and gas industry, costing an estimated $1.4B per year. Even more so, corrosion failures in coiled tubing services can cost upwards of $4M per year per unit, not including downtime and transportation costs. Neptune has built a solid reputation on delivering corrosion inhibitors to CT service companies, giving the highest industry average of a 10X ROI versus doing nothing. 

Neptune Scale Inhibitor

Treatment without prevention is not sustainable. While scaling may not be as serious as corrosion, reduced flow, downhole plugging, poor downhole frac communication, and potential equipment failure due to pressure is a serious issue. Neptune uses many proven methods in determining the scaling possibilities of the water you are using, and work with you in providing a solution that mitigates the potential risks involved.

Neptune Bacteria Expertise

Bacterial contamination is a real problem facing all oil and gas operations. While it may be hard to believe a small "bug" can cause such a big issue, microbial-influenced corrosion accounts for nearly 30% of all corrosion-related issues. Neptune offers a variety of chemistries that mitigate bacterial contamination of topside and downhole atmospheres, as well as testing/consulting services aimed at determining best practices.