Neptune possesses an extensive specialty and commodity chemical portfolio. Along with our own line of chemical products, we have relationships with more than thirty chemical manufacturers in 7 different countries providing products for the oil and gas, industrial water treatment , and industrial/environmental service industries.

Neptune delivers the critical chemicals and application support
to transform unique problems into standard solutions.

Specialty Products
Neptune Lab Worker

Neptune's specialty products have been designed over decades of research conducted by staff members and partners across a multitude of industries. We also possess the ability to synthesize small batch (< 5 kg) specialty products for lab research, pilot projects, and as standards for quality control purposes.

Organic Intermediates

Neptune is renowned as a leading supplier of organic intermediates for use across a multitude of industries. Our extensive and highly-specialized portfolio of organic intermediates can be provided in both hydrophilic and lipophilic solvent packages, as well as packaged in pails, drums, totes, and FCL or IBCs.

Bulk Inorganics

Neptune combats the volatility of the bulk chemicals market by having supplies readily available. Neptune works with domestic and international partners in the marketing and distribution of high quality inorganic chemicals. Products are available in bags sacks, or per request in a solvent package of your choice.