Since 2018, Neptune earned and has maintained its position as a global leader in the research, development, and sales of chemical products focused on coiled tubing corrosion protection for the oil and gas industry. We have served coiled tubing service operators all over the world by offering superior performance in our products, excellent value in our economics, and impeccable reliability and deliverability in our services. Thus far, we have earned the trust of service companies and manufacturers alike on 4 continents, yet maintain our service level at a 24/7 pace in Houston, TX. Use who the pros use - Neptune.
Corrosion Protection
Neptune ID ASTM

Have you ever heard of a coiled tubing string reaching nearly 2-million running feet? We have, the one in the Permian that used Proteus. Proven by both Tenaris® and Quality Tubing® in independent studies and field trials, Neptune has built a solid reputation on delivering corrosion inhibitors to CT service companies, giving the highest industry average of a 10X ROI. You want 2-million running feet, ask us how! 

Water Clarification
Neptune Water Treatment

On-site water quality plays an integral role in the successful operations of well intervention and completions. Regardless of the quality of your mixing plant or water treatment services, poor execution of simple and reliable treatment always happens. Do not rely on the "mixing" pros for clean water. Neptune has the expertise and chemistry to clean water without the need for filter pots or DAF units. All done - simple. 

Advisory Services
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Need over nearly 2-million running feet out of your string? Did it! At Neptune Chemical, our industry professionals possess over 25 years of academic and industry expertise in the chemical applications across the up, mid, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. We have advised operators and service companies alike on many chemistry and chemical applications. Use who the pros use, defined as Neptune.