Neptune Chemical has served the downstream industrial and environmental service companies across North America since 2009. We have developed chemistries that provide sequestration, passivation, and/or elimination of various hazardous and poisonous compounds such as BTEX, LEL, H2S, and pyrophorics thereby creating a safer atmosphere for all involved.

Neptune's chemicals provide the best solution to hazardous conditions found during energy and industrial service operations. 

Since 2009, Neptune's innovative decontamination chemistries serve the energy, utility, water treatment, and industrial service sectors by providing sequestration and passivation chemicals that mitigate hazardous and poisonous atmospheres to ensure worker and community safety.  


Neptune's provides the energy, manufacturing, environmental, aerospace and utility sectors with high performance cleaning chemicals that meet their specific needs. We work with our clients in developing solutions to their specific problems and assist them in developing application protocol.

Water Treatment

Many operations are heavily reliant on water. Once completed, that water must be treated for organics, dissolved and suspended solids. Since 1999, Neptune's chemicals have been used successfully in industrial and municipal water treatment applications along the GoM and East Coast US.