Since 2011, Neptune has worked with small, independent producers seeking an increase in production from brownfields and distressed assets. We first aim to understand the current conditions of the producing asset(s) and then develop a chemical treatment program based on novel chemistries specifically designed for the asset. 

Neptune delivers the critical chemicals and application support
to transform unique problems into standard solutions.

Asset Analysis
Neptune Lab Worker

Neptune works with our clients in determining the current state of their producing assets. We then use this data to determine which compounds are present that may be inhibiting the full production of the asset. We then prescribe a chemical package to the asset and work with our clients to ensure success.

EOR Chemistry

Neptune is renowned as a leading innovator in EOR chemistry. We develop chemical products that perform for our clients. We do not offer a catalog of a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather we use the chemical analyses provided by the lab to create a chemical product that meets the performance needs of our clients.

Chemical Consulting

Neptune offers comprehensive chemical consulting services that cover several diverse yet integral areas of oil and gas exploration and production: upstream, midstream, and downstream. We work with our clients is analyzing chemical compounds present, how they interact with each other, and what the results may be.