Since 2018, Neptune has earned and maintained its position as a global leader in the prevention, mitigation and inhibition of corrosion in coiled tubing operations via our innovative Proteus™ and Spear™ chemical products. We have served coiled tubing service operators all over the world by offering superior performance in our products, excellent value in our economics, and impeccable reliability and deliverability in our services. Thus far, we have earned the trust of service companies and manufacturers alike on 4 continents while maintaining impeccable service standards from our US and UK offices. A global footprint coupled with immediate response is priceless. Use who the pros use - Neptune.
Coiled Tubing
Neptune ID ASTM

Have you ever heard of a coiled tubing string reaching nearly 2-million running feet? We have. Proven by Tenaris™, Quality Tubing® and Conquest Completion Servcies® in independent studies and field trials, Neptune has built a solid reputation on delivering corrosion inhibitors to CT service companies, giving the highest industry average of a 10X ROI. You want nearly 2M running feet? Click to learn more.

Bacterial Mitigation
Neptune SystemSure | Hygiena

Bacterial contamination of working fluids can pose serious health risks and potentially cause catastrophic equipment failures. Neptune employs SystemSure technology that provides accurate bacterial results in 30 seconds. And if bacteria are present, Neptune's Spear biodispersants mitigate the bacterial contamination from causing serious issues with your equipment, assets, and most importantly, personnel.

Consulting Services
Neptune Consulting Services

Are you an operator or service company questioning whether or not your chemical programs are in your best interest? Neptune's technical staff can help. With nearly 25 years of oilfield chemistry expertise, there is no question as to why operators and service companies call on Neptune to provide professional advisory services regarding chemical programs, application and technical support around the world.