Neptune's experience in water and wastewater treatment goes back into the early 1990's when founding members drilled water wells, installed water treatment equipment, and worked on new water treatment facilities throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. After hurricane Katrina in 2005, Neptune Water Technologies (the beginning of Neptune's water treatment division) took hold installing, repairing, and or replacing water and wastewater treatment equipment and providing innovate chemistries to industry to ensure effective and efficient water treatment. 

Our experience goes back decades. From decontamination to clarification, Neptune's chemical products improve water quality and promote recycle/reuse programs.
Frac Water Sources
Frac Water Neptune

Water is the primary constituent in frac fluids, and its qualities play an integral role in how well the other constituents perform. While recirculation and filtration play roles, chemical treatment is a necessity. But do not leave your chemical treatments to anyone. Neptune has over 20 years of experience in treating all waters: from wastewater to well water.

Coiled Tubing Water
Neptune Clarification

Coiled tubing operations depends on chemicals working at their best. However, poor water quality can damper their performance, placing unwanted strain on the string. Neptune has the expertise and knowledge on how to properly treat the fluids so a bacteria-, polymer-, and solids-free water is provided after treatment; all accomplished with existing on-site equipment. 

Hauling & Storage
Neptune Water Hauling

Water hauling is an opportunity for bacteria to flourish and contaminate source waters for a variety of operations. Research suggests that SRBs may double every 6 hours. With some operations taking as much as 24 hours, there is a potential for a bacterial count 32X higher than the start. If you are treated tanker trucks or frac tanks, Neptune keeps your water clean.