Neptune's experience in water and wastewater treatment goes back into the early 1990's when founding members drilled water wells, installed water treatment equipment, and worked on new water treatment facilities throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. After hurricane Katrina in 2005, Neptune Water Technologies (the beginning of Neptune's water treatment division) took hold installing, repairing, and or replacing water and wastewater treatment equipment and providing innovate chemistries to industry to ensure effective and efficient water treatment. 

Our experience goes back decades. From flocculation to inhibition to contamination, Neptune's chemical products have you covered.
Oilfield Water Treatment

Neptune's oilfield water treatment chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • flocculants

  • demulsifiers

  • clarifiers

Water plays an integral role in oilfield operations. And with more recycle/reuse regulations presenting themselves, reliance on SWD and other sources for clean water are becoming increasingly hard to come by. Ask Neptune how we can make getting clean, clear water easy for your operations.

Neptune IWT

Neptune's industrial water treatment chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • biocides

  • biodispersants

  • corrosion inhibitors

  • scale inhibitors

Water treatment is the backbones of our chemical portfolio. We offer the products and solutions to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of your cooling tower and boiler systems thereby lowering operating costs.

Water Wells

Neptune's water well chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • acids

  • biocides

  • descalers

  • dispersants

  • enhancers

  • sequestrants

Since the early 1990's, Neptune has offered water well chemistries that ensure a proper operating wells along with safe, uncontaminated water. We can work with you on developing effective solutions.