Neptune's product line consists of multi-functional anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial additives, along with bacterial monitoring devices designed and employed to provide the greatest capabilities in detection and response.
Neptune's Proteus line provides unprecedented anti-corrosion capabilities to ensure extended string life and equipment protection. The Proteus line consists of both hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds designed to inhibit corrosion and prevent future attack during string storage and transportation. We are committed to meeting our clients' every need in efficiency and performance, regardless of their operating procedures and/or area of operations.
Neptune's Spear is a highly effective anti-microbial technology that quickly and uniformly kills any bacteria present within 30 minutes. Neptune Spear is built upon the DBNPA molecule - a non-oxidizing, non-ionic, non-crosslinking, and sulfur-free biocide - which offers a quick kill with sufficient control without the corrosive aspects of biocides like bronopol or chemical interference like glutaraldehyde or quats. 
Neptune's Hygiena bacterial monitoring technology provides immediate, accurate, and precise bacterial contamination results without complicated intermediate steps associated with other industry monitoring systems. It's as easy as dip it, click it, and stick it.

Neptune Proteus is an innovative chemical technology portfolio consisting of advanced water-based, oil-based, and emulsion-based corrosion inhibitor and mitigation technologies. The goal of the Proteus line is to prevent corrosion issues from becoming cost-intensive operational distractions, while extending your strings operational life to new lengths. Neptune has continually developed new technologies and methods in alleviating premature string failure issues. We also understand not one size fits all, and recognize different operational areas possess different corrosive hazards. Our answer to these challenges is Neptune Proteus - a corrosion mitigation product portfolio that can be custom-tailored to your area of operations, application capabilities, cost and time-sensitive initiatives.


Neptune Spear, the antibacterial member of the product portfolio, is a biocidal and biodispersant product line that provides effective and efficient microbial control in order to prevent bio-fouling, biological corrosion, hazardous gas generation, and devaluation of assets. Unlike other product lines focused or centered around a single biocidal compound, Neptune thoroughly understands the chemical synergies offered by employing multiple biocidal and biodispersant compounds, when required. The Neptune Spear line consists of various EPA-registered biocides and non-registered biodispersant technologies available in multiple forms to ensure the best applicability for your situation. Neptune Spear provides a solution to all your microbial issues regardless of location or bacterial load.

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Neptune Hygiena is an innovative, field and user-friendly hand-held ATP monitoring unit designed to combat the detrimental effects of MIC, or microbial-influenced corrosion, in coiled tubing fluid systems. The unit measures active microbial activity in real-time allowing for real-time optimization to the microbial mitigation program. The Hygiena kit includes the hand-held unit (shown above), 100 Total ATP sticks and 100 Free ATP sticks. It's as simple as 3-steps: dipping the stick into the sample, clicking the bulb at the top to release the reagents, and sticking it into the luminometer to measure. There is no filtering, syringes, tubes, or special reagents. The results are as easy as subtracting Total from the Free ATP RLU you receive from the unit, and following the Neptune Spear and/or Proteus treatment program.

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