Neptune's product line consists of multi-functional anti-corrosion and biodispersant additives. Our goal is to simplify the chemical application methodology by using safe, effective products in liquid form to ensure stability and dissolution.
Neptune's Proteus line provides unprecedented anti-corrosion capabilities to ensure extended string life and equipment protection. The Proteus line consists of both hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds designed to inhibit corrosion and prevent future attack during string storage and transportation. We are committed to meeting our clients' every need in efficiency and performance, regardless of their operating procedures and/or area of operations.
Proteus CPT 500

Neptune Proteus CPT (Coil Post-op Treatment) 500 is an innovative chemical technology consisting of corrosion and scale inhibitors, scavengers, bio-dispersants, and detergents. Proteus CPT 500 has established itself as the global benchmark for which all other coiled tubing post-operations inhibitors are measured by. Proteus CPT 500 succeeds by first, cleaning the surface using its unique detergency capabiltiy. Second, it dissolves any inorganic build-up on the interior of the string to ensure a smooth, clean steel surface. And third, the surfactants and corrosion inhibitors ensure a clean, uniform anti-corrosive film is laid down on the steel. Since January of 2019, nearly 100,000 gallons of Proteus CPT 500 has been used across 3 continents: North America, South America, and Asia. 

Proteus CP2

Neptune Proteus CP2 is the second-generation compound of our original Proteus CPT 500. However, CP2 differs by offering an increased protection against high-brine systems. Water conservation and water recycle-reuse programs are becoming more and more popular in the oilfield. With these programs in effect, the TDS and brine concentration of these fluids rapidly increases to very corrosive levels. Neptune, being the only company to recognize this, began on a journey to create a daily use product designed to combat everyday corrosion due to high-brine and TDS fluids. In February of 2020, independent tests conducted on Proteus CP2 by a major coiled tubing manufacturer showed zero corrosion on strings used in high brine areas like East Texas and North Louisiana. 

Proteus XP
XP ID ASTM G48.png

Neptune Proteus XP the first-ever azinine derivative compound with unique non-ionic surfactants known to emulsify oils and disperse biological organisms. The triple action formula leaves the internal diameter of the pipe free from oils, biological organisms, and corrosion. Proteus XP established its origins as a joint project between Tenaris S.A. and Neptune Chemical Corporation LLC back in July of 2019. Tenaris was looking for an all encompassing corrosion inhibitor that passed the ASTM G48 test with zero pitting, a feat never accomplished. Fourteen months, nearly 100 tests, and over 30 formulations later; Proteus XP passed the 72 hour ASTM G48 test with zero pitting, establishing itself as the global dominant corrosion inhibitor for  nearly all anti-corrosive applications, including transportation and storage.

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