Neptune's Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) offers companies a new flexible service model to attain virtual economies of scale day one without all the upfront investment in people, processes, and equipment. Neptune's SCaaS is an innovative new approach to supply chain where companies leverage lower supply chain costs in return for improved operational efficiency and increased profits.

Implementors of Neptune's SCaaS realize lower and variable cost structures, leverage 20 years of supply chain expertise, and attain instant operational scalability and enhanced footprint.
Lower Cost
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Companies are acquiring access to more senior talent at a lower cost than hiring a full time resource by utilizing Neptune's SCaaS. Companies are reducing their staffing costs by 50% by utilizing SCaaS to support periodic spikes in supply chain need. Increased supply chain needs from strategic projects such as supplying bulk product for a major project are well suited for Neptune's SCaaS. Small business experiencing growth can also benefit from our SCaaS.

Neptune SME

Neptune's SCaaS processes reduce operational execution risk, and create smooth transitions from project bid to customer delivery. Our experience from 20 years has demonstrated bill of material costs can be reduced by 10% on average when established systems for procurement and logistics are utilized. Companies today are realizing immense value by tapping into the established proven processes that Neptune's SCaaS offers.

Neptune Scalability

Global markets can shift quickly, so the ability to tap into an external team to quickly expand will position a company to take advantage of unique opportunities. Experienced supply chain professionals can leverage established supplier relationships to improve commercial results. Companies are able to instantly scale up and down by implementing SCaaS, and without the ramp-up, ongoing operational costs, increased capital costs, or hiring of permanent staff.