Neptune began its oil and gas chemical services on the coiled tubing pads of the South Texas oilfields back in 2010. Since then, we have remained committed to serving the needs of America's energy producers and service companies by providing innovative specialty chemicals that promote asset integrity, stakeholder value, and environmental responsibility. We strive for perfection in all that we do.

In 2020, our Proteus corrosion inhibitor products were tested by Tenaris Coiled Tubes, LLC* and compared against many other leading global chemical suppliers. Our Proteus corrosion inhibitors took the podium, resulting in a first, second and third place finish. Neptune is a world-renowned leader in corrosion inhibition chemistry with products now performing on three different continents.

*Tenaris Coiled Tubes, LLC is a registered subsidiary and trademark of Tenaris SA. Tenaris Coiled Tubes LLC used the ASTM G48 procedure for all testing and comparison parameters.

Neptune complements North America's energy companies by providing specialty chemicals that promote safety and efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Neptune's stimulations chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • acids (organic and inorganic)

  • biocides (ox and non-ox)

  • corrosion and scale inhibitors

  • gels

  • proppant/sand materials

We also work with our customers in environmental remediation and decontamination of the work site, which includes non-GMO, all-natural indigenous bacteria and adsorbents to eliminate hazardous spills and eliminate any residual hydrocarbons.

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Neptune's completions chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • acids (organic and inorganic)

  • biocides

  • corrosion and scale inhibitors

  • gels

  • lubricants

  • surfactants

Our chemicals products are extensively used in completions and interventions operations (e.g. coiled tubing) and are highly compatible. Our chemical expertise assists our customers in making the right decisions for their operations.


Neptune's production chemicals portfolio consists of:

  • biocides

  • corrosion inhibitors

  • hydrate inhibitors

  • paraffin inhibitors

  • scale inhibitors

  • scavengers

  • sequestrants

Our products have been used for onshore and offshore operations (e.g. FPSO in GoM). We possess the expertise to work with our clients on determining technology and logistics, for both on and offshore.